Nutrition and Feeding

HOW and WHAT to feed your best friend? Modern feeds and feeding practices can be confusing and frustrating - Cheval Equine Services wants to make the process a breeze. 


Whether you have a high level performance horse, broodmare, pleasure horse, or anything in between, we can help you navigate the often difficult path to choosing the best feeds and supplements for your equine friend. With formal qualifications in equine nutrition, training and exercise physiology we are ideally placed to help you make the hard decisions. 


We are also the proud stockists of Australia’s leading stockfeed brands and supplements of every description. What’s more - we guarantee to provide feeds and supplements to you at a price that is lower than any other retailer.  Yes, we will price match, and you will find that our retail prices are exceptionally competitive. Using our unique weekly ordering system, we can provide the largest of range at the lowest of prices. 


Click on the logos below of the brands that we stock to access their web pages with all of the information about the many great products we can source for you.

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